In music, a fugue(/fjuːɡ/ fewg) is a contrapuntal compositional technique in two or more voices, built on a subject (a musical theme) that is introduced at the beginning in imitation (repetition at different pitches) and which recurs frequently in the course of the composition.

Fugue state or psychogenic fugue, is a dissociative disorder and a rare psychiatric disorder characterised by reversible amnesia for personal identity, including the memories, personality, and other identifying characteristics of ones individuality.
Julie The Obscure 
Isabella Barter 
Amelia Batchelar
Maksymilian Fus-Mickiewicz
Toni Tits 
Conrad Armstrong 
Emma Zarifi
Jean Ocidio
Make up:
Toni Tits 
Bernardo Ferreira 
Jean Ocidio
Mother Womb
Adam Frost
Chema Diaz
Micol Ragni
Hundred Showroom
Amelia Batchelar
Jonty Mellmann
3D Assistant:
Surdila Valentin
On set Assistant:
Emily Kopaskie 
Hannah Sommer 
Featured at FreeRange Shows at The Truman Brewery London
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