London based photographer and experimental film maker Talitha Bell uses both analogue and digital platforms. She explores surrealistic, provocative and metaphysical themes, and draws inspiration from symbolism, poetry and dreams. With applied knowledge in darkroom techniques, hand processing and other traditional photographic methods, Talitha equally shares an ebullience for modern technologies and equipment. Her film  projects have utilised special effects and green screen techniques, both in studio and  in post production. Talitha also works with 3D integrations and much of her video work is a collage of disciplines which consolidates her art direction practice; which overall is a multi faceted, sublime-entanglement of techniques and methodologies. Additionally Talitha has a fashion background which further solidifies her process.
Talitha graduated in 2019 with a First Class Honours BA in Photographic Arts at The University Of Westminster London England. 
"Symbolism is a big part of my life. Im learning to read the wind and building a map of places I regularly visit in my dreams. It's important to learn to see omens and build a psychic connection to the world around us. One day when the white rabbit comes, follow him!"
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